ASHWINI pool villas

Two twins brothers, Ashwini are stylishly decorated villas with private pool access & amazing views 

Two twin brothers “Ashwini” are sublime stylishly decorated 2 storey wooden bungalows. Connected with its private pool Ashwini villas are amazing place to spend your holidays!

Air conditioned comfort, access to the private pool and  stunning views will make your stay unforgettable. As a bonus just walk away from one of Bali’s top Yoga Studio, Spa and Smoothie Shop juice & Breakfast bar — all in the Mandala Village. A enchanting paradise to wake up in the morning sunrise. 

Dive into the pool for self-renewing morning swim. Sign up for sunrise yoga class at the Padma Yoga Studio … steps away in a place appointed to meet your every need. Or go on a leisurely promenade to the intriguing meatless menus of the Smoothie Shop juice & breakfast bar and SAFFRON restaurant

The traditional architecture, emblematic of old Balinese history, is brought alive in these villas. The design was a boundary-busting studied effort to capture the truly traditional in the island of the world’s most celebrated traditions combined with a comfort of the high quality.

Each villa spots 2 floors, a pool, the first floor bedroom windows invite an amazing view of the Bali sunset and the ocean. Equipped with AC, twin comfy beds and calm bedroom lights, you will  sleep as a child here.

Lounge area on the ground floor is perfect for relaxation, some Bali décor and sultry atmosphere,  a half-bed living room gazebo draped in a romantic canopy, pillows…a perfect place for afternoon reading or chill-out.

Stay with us to where tradition, taste, and adventure live and breath…

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Stay with us to where tradition, taste, and adventure live and breath…


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