CHANDRA two-bedroom villa


Nestled high on a ridge above the green hills of Balangan, Chandra villa is a place where you will experience the eternal beauty of Bali. This bright and airy 2 bedroom Villa enjoys sea breezes, gently reminding you to visit the beaches, stop to luxuriate in long lazy sunsets, and marvel at the night sky dotted with an impossible number of stars.


Chandra is situated on the Northern edge of Mandala Village right beside our Padma Yoga Studio. This Villa – one of the most magnificent location on the property, affords guests gorgeous views. The Villa has a fully equipped kitchen, beautiful private garden and big chill out terraces.

Air conditioned comfort, hot water, and high speed internet throughout the villa allows you to connect with your world conveniently whilst also getting away from it all. This is where you can achieve the purpose of traveling –”Communing with the eternal both within and without.”

Chandra Villa – First Floor

As you walk into the Chandra Villa past the garden temple you are welcomed by romantic arches, trees and the intimacy of nature, the first thing you see is a regal statue of Ganesha transporting you into another culture, a way of being which is unique to Bali, this path takes you through the garden terrace with flowering plants, fruit trees and lush overhanging tropical vegetation.

Villa Chandra first floor

The sights, aromas and sounds of south Bali immediately present. Eclectically decorated, the open lounge area is perfect for relaxation, some quintessential Bali décor and sultry atmosphere, abundant pillows, comfy sofas, spaces to chill, leading to the wooden dining area, and the kitchen. The downstairs bedroom has everything you need to sleep in peaceful tranquility while you enjoy your holiday in Bali. Beautifully furnished, it is equipped with AC, hanging drapes and calm bedroom lights.

Villa Chandra Interior


Fully equipped kitchen with stove & fridge

Dining area

Garden terrace

Eclectically decorated

Relaxing cushions area

Chill-out outside bed

Private garden

Villa Chandra Sunsets

Views of the



Green hills



Villa Chandra – Second Floor

Walking into the second floor bedroom, you can hear your footsteps on the wooden floors, evocative of tropical island living and bygone eras. This magnificent bedroom is a traditional wooden Lumbung, if you have never stayed in a wooden house, this is the ideal place to start.  With delightful comforts, sweeping views to the ocean, infinite sky, and lush tropical surrounds.

This villa could be the ultimate artist’s retreat, or simply a delicious introduction to island living. On the private terrace you will see more than you can easily take in during one sweeping view. The horizon seemingly endless, the best and most ‘secret’ surfing beaches in Bali only minutes down the road, lush and leafy village life thriving around our little piece of paradise. The enchanting skyline tempting you to stay in whilst the skyline of Bali calls to adventure… the adventurous soul.

You will find yourself wanting to stay forever, basking in the morning sunlight of the yoga studio, private moments of reflection from the balcony of your wooden villa. Feeling like royalty enjoying the best views of the property, this natural bedroom is a perfect combination of design elements which have delighted many of our guests to date. Imagine taking a deep breath, looking down to a lush corridor of trees along Mandala Village.

Villa Chandra second floor terrace

The balcony, with inviting chairs and 180 degree views tempts you to enter a reverie, the music of the tropical atmosphere, a song of birds and butterflies, your ears detect the breeze of a subtle wind evoking salty aromas and after the rains a smell of tropical earth, verdant greens, the rustling of trees, leaves falling, the rhythm of warm tropical seasons, this tropical symphony. You see the airplanes from a distance, swooping into the airport at Jimbaran as the twinkling lights break off from the stars, to land, dropping off more seekers to this paradisiacal locale.

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