Padma Yoga Studio – Mandala Village

High up in the hills of Balangan-nestled on a ridge in the southern Bali Peninsula only minutes from Bali’s most beautiful and ‘unspoiled’ beaches you have a majestic setting for your Yoga practice.

Located in the Mandala Village resort, the Padma Yoga studio  features 2 spaces for your practice: amazing PRANA HALL (108 m) and the intimate SARASWATI HALL (40 m). These two spaces are perfect for your private practice or a retreat featuring Yoga and Meditation.


Padma Yoga Studio – Prana Hall

The Prana hall is perfect for groups of 15 people or more, an open area with 180 degrees views of the ocean and sunset. The breeze makes it perfect yoga & pranayama, fitness or other classes and activities. The enchanting space and spectacular skyline is perfect for a range of performances: theatre, music, ballet, and spiritual development all seem quite at home here, in the homely village of Balangan. Only 20 – 30 minutes from the Airport and close to all amenities, this is a top spot for yoga and healing retreats.


  • Sunset, mountains and skyline view of Bali
  • 180 degree view of Bukit
  • Ocean view
  • Rated one of the best Yoga Studios in Bali (BaliBible)
  • Wood floors
  • Fully equipped with Yoga Mats, Pillows, and Bolsters.
  • Fully equipped sound system, speakers, and mixer.
  • Chilled with modern fans and breeze
  • Full access Internet Wi-Fi


Padma Yoga Studio – Saraswati Hall

The Saraswati hall is more intimate and perfect for silent practices or sound healing. Enjoy the natural acoustics, mirrors, glass doors to the outside terrace, where relaxing breaks in the tropical sun can be enjoyed, whilst the enclosed air-conditioned space is perfect for long tropical days.

If you need a larger venue, we can open the doors to the terrace creating a versatile space for most needs.


Brilliant sunrise deck terrace for relaxing outside

Chilled with refreshing Air-Conditioned room

Mirrors for Ballet and other practices

Wood floors

Fully equipped with Yoga Mats, Pillows, and Bolsters.

Fully equipped 6-speakers sound system

Right next to SunHouse rooms and Chandra Villa

Full access Internet Wi-Fi

Offering Toilets and showers


Both spaces are fully equipped with sound systems, yoga mats, bolsters, pillows and more. The Padma Yoga Studio also boasts changing rooms, showers, a beautiful garden terrace, and of course some of the most stunning views of Bali.

Whether choosing Yoga to practice alchemy – or to enliven and refresh your body, or heading to immortality — Padma Yoga Studio is the closest to Heaven here on the island of God’s – Bali.

Are you a Yoga instructor (fitness trainer, surf instructor, dance teacher) and looking for a perfect  place for your next retreat? Contact us now to find out about limited-time-only promotions and how we can make this space perfect for your group, class, or visit.


Our place is perfect for yoga retreats, workshops, and trainings. And we offer several packages for yoga instructors and groups, for accommodation, meals, and use of the Padma Yoga Studio. Feel free to contact us today!

Call us : +62 361 72-5462


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