The Smoothie Shop

Juice & Breakfast Bar

logoSS_finalThe best coffee in the area, organic juices & smoothies, healthy dishes, vegan and non-vegan delights, sweets, complete access internet Wi-Fi, cozy chill-out garden  terrace and sitting areas perfect for breakfast, lunch, brunch, or a cup of great coffee with friends. The Smoothie Shop is not about unforgettable smoothies or coffee, but about great food, nice music and perfect Bali chill.

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Our food is simple, healthy, organic, and according to our guests ‘truly delicious’. The place to start your new healthy lifestyle is here.

We serve some both vegan and non-vegan food because we believe that fresh food is healthy and nutritious.  

We cook for you with love

We are animal friendly, and do not harm anybody to prepare your meal. We cook only healthy food, and none of our dishes or drinks contain any GMO’s, artificial flavors, colorings, sweeteners, synthetic food, additions or any other harmful ingredients. We try  to use fresh and organic products from local farmers whenever it is possible.

And we serve the most healthy breakfasts in the area

Our coffee is mild roasted 100% Arabica blend from Columbia & Brazil. This is the best coffee you can find in Bali and we proudly serve it. Add some homemade coco or almond milk to make your coffee perfect for you and don’t forget to check-out our coffee specials! You will be surprised.  

We roast granolas ourselves, we do home cheese in house, we serve sourdough bread to make you meal nutritious and delicious!

We serve  juices freshly squeezed to your table with no any water, sugar or ice added.  All nutrients and vitamins are preserved effectively for a healthier drink. Enhanced fiber retention from such a juice is highly beneficial to the digestive system as well.

Enjoy the pure power of the nature in a glass or jar!  

Located: at Mandala Village resort, JL. Pantai Balangan

Open: DAILY 09:00 am to 16:00 pm

Family / kid-friendly

Perfect for breakfast

Great for lunch or brunch

Best coffee in the area (mild roasted 100 % Arabica blend from Columbia & Brazil)

Vegetarians / vegans friendly

FREE Wi – Fi





9:00 – 16:00